To cherish, uphold and project the honour and dignity of Yoruba culture, language and tradition within Southern Africa countries.


We are a non-profit organization, established in 2008 to promote cultural awareness, friendship and cooperation between the people of Yorùbá descent and other multi-ethnic groups in Southern Africa.

Our goal is to organize programs and services aimed at fostering social- cultural, promoting and defending collective and individual socioeconomic interests and the general welfare of all people of Yoruba descent in this region. With the intent of building a prosperous Yoruba communities in Southern Africa in the economic and social spheres with the brand identity of hard working and law abiding people. Education and economic development partnerships between the Yorùbá community and our host community at large.


To serve as an umbrella organization to other Pan-Yoruba organizations in Southern Africa.

To promote and abide the law of the land at all costs and foster individual and collective freedom.

To encourage dialogue and deliberations on issues of importance and relevance to Yoruba people and nation. Preserve the association as a non-partisan, secular and non-proift making association.

To foster the economic empowerment and development of Yoruba people within the region through specific projects designed to enhance latent abilities and skills.

To work with other associations with similar objectives within and outside the shores of Nigeria to promote democracy, peace, stability, justice and unity amongst the Yoruba people and to actively promote the interest of the Yoruba nation within the context of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

To work toward bridging the information gap between Yoruba people and other cultural groups within Southern Africa and around the world.

To establish socioeconomic presence in Nigeria to facilitate homebased economic and development related activities.